General Information

Look under the “Health Information” tab at the top for information about symptoms, diseases, medicines and tests. The “For Medical Professionals” tab has information that we use frequently, to review the Mayo protocol for diagnostic evaluation of various conditions. This is an up-to-date, unbiased source (in contrast to WebMD, which, though very user-friendly, has a content bias due to corporate sponsorship.)

The official website of the American Academy of Family Practice. This is oriented toward patients only, and is less technical than the Mayo Clinic site. It has a very comprehensive scope: there is the full array of “Diseases A- Z”, and wellness information specific to men’s health, women’s health, senior’s health, parents and kids. There is also a “Smart Patient Guide” with useful information about Medicare, commercial insurances, how to talk to a doctor, advanced directives and other end-of-life issues.

Nutrition and Fitness

Lance Armstrong’s famous yellow-band site--very lively. It is particularly oriented to the individual who is trying to initiate a new diet or fitness program. The site is very content-rich (read “complex”), with abundant information on obesity, specific diets, and various exercise regimens. There are several useful blogs, with daily entries tailored to both the beginning dieter, and the fitness professional. There is an excellent food diary program that can be downloaded to your mobile browser.

This is the website of the American Heart Association. Go to the “Get Healthy” tab for good, basic-but-useful information about low fat or low carb diets, walking and other aerobic programs, stress management, and quitting smoking programs. Other areas of the site have very specific information about heart disease and heart testing, heart medicine and surgery.

resources-bigSports Medicine

This website has an interesting “Virtual Sports Medicine Clinic” in which you place the cursor on the injured body part. There are separate sections for sports-specific injuries, and for rehabilitation of specific injuries. The graphics may seem a little 'hokey', but the information is solid. There is corporate sponsorship, but mostly small supply companies selling appropriate sports treatment items.

This is an interesting Scottish site. It is oriented mostly toward soccer, tennis and running injuries. The diagrams of specific groin, hip and thigh injuries are particularly useful. The only corporate sponsorship is a group of Glasgow physiotherapists.

Alternative Medicine

The National Institutes of Health has a well-established initiative into the arena of “Complementary Medicine”, which is a blend of traditional Western medicine with holistic and Eastern medicine. Look for the “Herbs” tab for a downloadable booklet with very legitimate information about hundreds of medicinal plants and supplements. There is also a comprehensive section addressing the role of complementary medicine in the treatment of cancer and chronic pain.

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog is a Native American herbalist and medicine woman, who, late in life, became an MD. She is one of the most respected voices in the field of herbal medicine. The most useful part of her site is the “Helpful Links” section, which connects to several non-commercial sources of plant-based medicine. Read her “Publications” tab for many sources of information about herbal treatment of menopause and other women’s health issues.

First Aid

There are few comprehensive sources of general first aid advice for minor household emergencies—all have huge disclaimers to limit liability. Nevertheless, this Mayo Clinic site is user friendly and appropriate

This is the American Association of Poison Control Centers website, with general information about poison control. If you have need of specific information about a poisoning or medicine overdose, DO NOT try to look this up online. Please call the Poison Control Hotline at (800) 222-1222, 24 hours, 7 days a week, for immediate contact with an expert.

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