General Information

"Diseases A-Z" is the most authoritative part of the site, which outlines the Mayo approach to various illnesses, but the "Symptom Checker" is the most interesting.

The official website of the American Academy of Family Practice.  Click the "Your Health Resources" to find the Neighborhood Navigator.  This amazing tool allows you to search by zip code for all sorts of community resources: legal aid, senior care, school financial aid, addiction and recovery, job placement, and more.

Nutrition and Fitness

Useful information for pre-diabetes, diabetics, and families.  Check out the "Food and Fitness" section for everyday meal planning and carb counting.

This site has hundreds of video workouts for all fitness levels.  There is a calendar feature to keep you on track with any weekly exercise schedule you design.   

An overview of all sorts of sports injuries.  The best feature is "Sports Injuries A-Z" but there are many good videos on injury rehab, first aid, and safe workouts for all fitness levels.

Alternative Medicine

The NIH's legitimate alternative medicine project.  Find "Herbs at a Glance" for a listing of plants that have proven medical benefit.  The cancer module is a website in itself; click "Cancer in Depth" for a review of alternative approaches to cancer.  There is a list of current cancer treatment research studies available for patient participation.
Dr. Tieraona Low Dog is a Native American herbalist and medicine woman, who, late in life, became an MD. She is one of the most respected voices in the field of herbal medicine. The most useful part of her site is the “Helpful Links” section, which connects to several non-commercial sources of plant-based medicine. Read her “Publications” tab for many sources of information about herbal treatment of menopause and other women’s health issues.

First Aid

There are few comprehensive sources of general first aid advice for minor household emergencies—all have huge disclaimers to limit liability. Nevertheless, this Mayo Clinic site is user friendly and appropriate.
This is the American Association of Poison Control Centers website, with general information about poison control. If you have need of specific information about a poisoning or medicine overdose, DO NOT try to look this up online. Please call the Poison Control Hotline at (800) 222-1222, 24 hours, 7 days a week, for immediate contact with an expert.

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