Free (mostly) Phone Apps

The tagline is "Makes Diabetes suck less." It links to Apple Health, or wirelessly to a glucose monitor, to maintain an ongoing diabetes control graphic.  It has lots of nutrition information, with the carb content of thousands of foods.

If you ever longed for a $2,000 Peleton exercise bike, with a $39 monthly subscription -- this is for you!  Use your own bike, trainer, and a tablet computer to view a digitalized version of several real-life rides.  The cool part is you ride in a peleton of other cyclists, all over the world, in real time.  If you're too slow, they will drop you; you can wait for the next group to come along.  $15 per month after a free 7 day trail.

Zombies, Run!
Run or walk at your own pace listening on your headphones to a narrative of a fictional disaster scene -- but periodically--zombies appear and you must RUN!!

A very user-friendly weight loss tool.  Our patients taught us about this, and many have had great success with it.  It has a database of tens of thousands of foods, including virtually every fast food.

J&J Official 7-Minute Workout
This is the original 7 minute workout.  It's a high intensity interval training session with requires no equipment other than a sturdy chair.  It can be modified for all fitness levels.

General Information

 "Diseases A-Z" is the most authoritative part of the site, which outlines the Mayo approach to various illnesses, but the "Symptom Checker" is the most interesting.

The official website of the American Academy of Family Practice.  Click the "Your Health Resources" to find the Neighborhood Navigator.  This amazing tool allows you to search by zip code for all sorts of community resources: legal aid, senior care, school financial aid, addiction and recovery, job placement, and more.

Nutrition and Fitness

Useful information for pre-diabetes, diabetics, and families.  Check out the "Food and Fitness" section for everyday meal planning and carb counting.

This site has hundreds of video workouts for all fitness levels.  There is a calendar feature to keep you on track with any weekly exercise schedule you design.   

An overview of all sorts of sports injuries.  The best feature is "Sports Injuries A-Z" but there are many good videos on injury rehab, first aid, and safe workouts for all fitness levels.

Alternative Medicine

The NIH's legitimate alternative medicine project.  Find "Herbs at a Glance" for a listing of plants that have proven medical benefit.  The cancer module is a website in itself; click "Cancer in Depth" for a review of alternative approaches to cancer.  There is a list of current cancer treatment research studies available for patient participation.
The website of the famous Linus Pauling Institute, with an A-Z directory of hundreds of vitamin and mineral supplements.

First Aid

An encyclopedia of accidents and injuries with current treatment recommendations.
This is user-friendly from the very first screen.  It calmly walks you through questions that allow advice for the specific poison, substance, or medicine involved.  If you situation is an emergency, phone POISON CONTROL at 800-222-1222 for immediate contact with an expert.  

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